Innovative data-led insurance for the travel industry

Customisable end-to-end risk management and mitigation solutions, tailor-made to suit your position and exposure in the travel value chain.


Supplier and Agency Failure Insurance

Airline Failure

Chain Failure Insurance

Travel Insolvency

A modernised, digital insurance solution created specifically for the travel industry

The Solution

Travel Merchants

Meet your regulatory requirements or help satisfy collateral requirements with your service providers through our market-leading insurance. Our travel-specific solution combines A-Rated insurance with full end-to-end management of traveller funds.

A Rated UK + EU Failure Insurance

• Financial Failure Insurance
• Supplier and Agency Failure Insurance
• Scheduled Airline Failure Insurance
• Traveller Repatriation

Full Risk Reporting and Live Declaration

Our market-leading, multifaceted system is used throughout the supply chain to deliver real-time risk analysis and automatic declaration.

Full Audit Trail at the Touch of a Button

Use our system to manage the flow of funds and have a full audit trail of monies in and out. Ideal for in-house use as well as to demonstrate risk mitigation to service providers.

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The Solution

Service Providers

We recognise that the supply of services from non-travel industry contributors, such as payment institutions and providers of protection, is key to the success and longevity of the travel industry. Thats why TMU Management has orchestrated B2B failure policy products:

Manage your risk exposure by plugging in real-time Risk Monitoring

Without contextual data you’re guesstimating your risk. Operate proactively and sustainably with full visibility and tailored protection of your exposure to a travel merchant’s insolvency.

Supply Chain Insurance

Protecting suppliers/agencies from the non-payment of invoices due to insolvency.

Travel Insolvency Chargeback Insurance

Protects bank institutions such as acquirers and card schemes from chargebacks resulting from a travel providers insolvency.

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How it works

Our solutions are based around our modern, real-time reporting and data management system which connects to the travel value chain to assess and mitigate potential financial risk.


We quantify risk by monitoring centrally recorded, granular exposure data on your bookings.


API Integration and Platform management as standard.


Trust is built on control and transparency.


Long-term, sustainable Insurance


Not one size fits all.

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