Step-by-step guide for Policyholders completing the TMU Management Ltd. Financial Failure Insurance (FFI) Application form

Company NameAs per your incorporation document.
Company Registration Number As per your incorporation document.
Entity Type– Private or limited company: Does not publicly trade shares, and is limited to a maximum of 50 shareholders.
– Sole trader: You run your own business as an individual and you can keep all your business’s profits after you have paid tax on them. You are personally responsible for any losses your business makes.
– Public limited company: A company that has offered shares of stock to the public. The buyers of those shares have limited liability, meaning that they cannot be held responsible for any business losses in excess of the amount they paid for the shares.
Incorporation or Business Registration Document / CertificateThis helps us verify your business and ensure that you are registered and able to trade.  This must show clearly show the name of your company. (Ideally, we would like this document in your own language and English).
AddressRegistered address of your business – you will be asked to provide proof of this address with a utility bill later in the application.
Office Phone The best number for us to contact you between 9am – 5pm UK time. 
WebsiteYour company website – we will be checking that this is a valid website and that you clearly display a Privacy Policy, and client Terms and Conditions in the event of cancellation and refunds. 
Utility BillUpload a document (dated within the last 3 months) showing the address provided above. This enables us to verify the registered address of your business.
Link to TripAdvisorPlease provide link to an online review site e.g. TripAdvisor, TrustPilot etc.
Reservation System or Tech platform Do you integrate with a reservation system for your bookings? If so, please tell us which system you use e.g. Bokun, Rezgo, Rezdy. 
Travel Business TypePlease select the type of business you are:
– Tours & Activities Provider
– Accommodation Provider
– Ground Transportation Provider
– Cruise Provider
– Airline or Flight Aggregator
– Other
– Agent – Non-ATOL
– Agent – ATOL (EU Applicable Only)
Business ModelPlease briefly describe your business within 500 words, the market in which you operate and products you sell. Anything you think is useful.  Example: Travel Agent selling to the UK and EU Market with a focus on short-haul holidays in Europe. 
What is your average travel lead-in time?The time between the client paying for the product and the delivery of the product or service. 
Travel SeasonalityChoose from:
– Northern Hemisphere Summer or Southern Hemisphere Winter
– Northern Hemisphere Winter or Southern Hemisphere
– Summer
– Year Round
Approximate Number of EmployeesThis is the number of employees including yourself that are employed for your company.
Date of formationThis must match your incorporation document.
Other Licence(s) or Consumer Protection (if applicable) This helps us verify whether you are registered to trade in any other sectors. This could be, but not limited to: ATOL, ABTA, SATSA Bonding or Financial Failure Insurance. If you put YES, please upload a copy of your valid certificate(s).
Most Recent Company AccountsA summary of your financial activity over a 12-month period prepared for your local tax authority every year by an accountant or auditor, and consists of the Balance Sheet, the Profit and Loss Statement, and the Cash Flow Statement. 

We review this to get an understanding of your business financial health. 
Annual Turnover/TTV Value (GBP) The amount of net sales your business generates within a 12-month period after deductions. 
Projected Annual Turnover/TTV Value (GBP) The projected amount of net sales your business will generate in the next 12 months after deductions. 
Annual Revenue (GBP) The money your business generates (income) through its sale of any products or services offered. 
EBIDTA (GBP) Your company’s earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation, and amortisation. 
Total Debt (GBP) How much money do you owe? 
Monthly Interest Expenses (GBP) The amount of interest that you pay each month on the debt that you owe. 
Total Expenses (GBP)This is the total expenses per year / 12 month period
Total Current Assets (GBP)  Cash and other assets that are expected to be converted to cash within the next year. 
Total Non-current Assets (GBP)Your company’s long-term investments that are not easily converted to cash or are not expected to become cash within the next accounting year.  
Shareholder / Owner Equity (GBP)  The residual value to shareholders after debts and liabilities have been settled. 
Current Liabilities Total (GBP)  Your company’s debts or obligations that are due to be paid to creditors within the next year.
Number of Transactions per annumTotal number of card transactions per year / 12 month period.
Average transaction valueAverage transaction value multiplied by number of transactions per year should add up to your total turnover per year.
Any useful comments/context/ clarification on your financials  Maximum of 500 words to explain or elaborate on any of the figures above. 
Additional Documentation Please use this field to upload any additional information you feel is relevant. 
Last 3 months bank statements  Please upload your last 3 months business bank statements. 
Does your product include the use of travel suppliers? These are suppliers of travel elements that exist within the package you sell but NOT provided by you. For example, hotels, cruises, airlines etc. This is typically applicable to travel agencies, operator and travel intermediaries. 

Please select the type(s) of suppliers you use in your supply chain:
– Accommodation Provider (hotels)
– Ancillary Provider (airport parking, travel insurance etc)
– Tours & Activities Provider (e.g. day trip to the Grand Canyon, safari in Kruger National Park)
– Bed bank (resells hotel beds)
– Bus Services (local bus service between towns and villages)
– Coach Operator (provider of day trips or holidays e.g. Shearings)
– Cruise (Princess, P&O, RCCL etc)
– DMC (Destination Management Company that is based in a particular location/country and sells products and services to a travel agent)
– Flight Aggregator (resells flight tickets)
– Ground Transportation Provider (transfers between airport and hotels)
– Travel Agent – high street shop selling holidays
– Schedule Airline (fixed itinerary e.g. British Airways)
– Online Travel Agent (Love Holidays, Ice Lolly etc)
– Tour Operator (provides and sells hotel, flight and transfer packages)
– Camping grounds, recreational vehicle parks and trailer parks
– Accommodation Provider (Non-Hotels e.g. AirBnB, Vrbo)
Paying your suppliers Please tell us the different payment terms that you pay your suppliers.

For example, if you pay your airlines immediately after confirming booking, some of your hotels before travel and some after travel this will be 3 entries below:
– Name of Supplier – Company name of your Supplier
– Supplier Type – see guide above 
– Payment before travel? – YES or NO answer 
– Form of payment to supplier – Bank transfer or Virtual/Credit card 
– Approximate % of Supplier Turnover – how much of your turnover is spent paying suppliers? 
Exposure Split The below section asks you to project the split of your sales by the date of travel. For example, if you sell to a consumer in January for travel in June – this sale alongside all others travelling in June would be included in the June percentage. 
Approx % of Sales Travelling in January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November, December This is the % of your sales whereby travel occurs in that specific month.
Please describe the payment terms with your customers For example, agents pay 10% up front and the full balance 30 days before travel, or our customers pay in full up front or the pay in instalments over X months with the final balance due X days before departure. 
Account Signatory This should be the person completing this form who is duly authorised to take such an undertaking and will be the responsible contact for the account. The Signatory must be a director of the company. 
Signatory Full Name Full name as per photo ID. 
Signatory Date of Birth As per photo ID. 
Signatory Photo ID ExpiryThis must still be valid at time of application.
Signatory Phone The best number for us to contact you between 9am – 5pm UK time. 
Signatory Email Email address for written correspondence. 
Signatory Declaration Tick this box to confirm you are a director of the business submitting this application and duly authorised to make this representation. 
Ownership: Above 10% (Corporate Ownership) TMU Management Ltd. have a requirement to hold this information for all stakeholders who have the power to make business decisions. We must also ensure that we verify these stakeholders are not in any sanctioned lists globally or are politically exposed. 

Please list all shareholders (Entities or individuals) 

– Type – Shareholder Direct (Entity / Company) or Shareholder Direct (Individual / Person) or Director Only (owns no shares)
– Full Name of Individual or Entity – as per photo ID if Individual
– % Ownership – the % of the company that this individual or other company owns. Please put 0 if the individual is a Director only
– Photo Identification Number (Individuals)or Registration Number (Entities)
– Photo Identification expiry date – must still be valid.
– Date of Birth (Individuals) or Incorporation Date (Entities)
– Country of Citizenship or Company Incorporation
– Photo Identification Copy – This ID must have a unique reference, show your date of birth and country of citizenship. required for owners only unless they are the signatory
– Politically Exposed Person (PEP) – YES or NO answer
Evidence of Ownership & Ownership Structure Diagram (if applicable) Document (Memorandum and articles of association) showing shareholding / ownership, also known as a shareholder directory. 
If your company is a complex ownership and is owned by individuals and companies, we will need a diagram clearly showing us this. 
If you company is owned by another company, we will need Incorporation Certificate and Shareholder Registry for this other company. 
Evidence of Director Registry Please upload document showing all the directors listed above. 
Notification Email AddressPlease enter the email address you would like to receive notifications from the TMU System. 
Day to Day ContactPlease ensure this contact point is completed (even if they are the same person in some cases). This will allow our team to contact the correct person with any queries.
Day to Day Contact Job TitlePlease enter the job title / position in company of this contact. 
Day to Day Contact EmailPlease enter the email address you would like our Support Team to use in the first instance. 
Technical ContactPlease ensure this contact point is completed (even if they are the same person in some cases). This will allow our team to contact the correct person with any queries.
Technical Contact Job TitlePlease enter the job title / position in company of this contact. 
Technical Contact EmailPlease enter the email address you would like our Support Team to use for technical queries. 
Accounts ContactPlease ensure this contact point is completed (even if they are the same person in some cases). This will allow our team to contact the correct person with any queries.
Accounts Contact Job TitlePlease enter the job title / position in company of this contact. 
Accounts Contact Email Please enter the email address you would like our Support Team to use for accounts queries. 
Please tick the applicable boxes about your website These standards are a condition of membership. Failure to adhere may result in removal of TMU Membership. 

1.My customers can see detailed descriptions of the services being offered and prices are displayed clearly 
2.The Company address is clearly displayed 
3.The Privacy Policy is clearly displayed 
4.The Return, refund, no show, force majeure and cancellation policies are clearly defined 
5.The website owner controls the site content
Website Terms and conditions Please include the URL on your website where this information can be found. 

This is essential and must be featured on your website before we can proceed with your application. Please ensure that this covers information such as; your refunds, cancellation, no show and force majeure policy etc. It is important that your travellers have access to this information prior to processing a booking with you.
Website Privacy Policy Please include the URL on your website where this information can be found. 

This is important and must be featured on your website before we can proceed with your application. Please ensure that your Privacy Policy explains to your clients how you handle and store their personal data.  It is important that your travellers have access to this information prior to processing a booking with you. 

If you are unsure about what your privacy policy should contain, please check websites such as: 

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